This is an Online Self-healing Workshop Event called: Part 1 & Part 2 Law of Attraction & Emotional Language of Money with Guided Meditations.

This 2-day, 2-part, online Zoom workshop will be presented over the weekend afternoons, Saturday August 19th, & Sunday August 20th promptly starting at 1PM to around 4:30 - 5:00 PM each day.

The workshop series is a deep dive self-healing approach for you to focus on how you were brought up and conditioned to be believe in the value of money, and how it has affected your life.

I will be sending all paid participant's a workbook questionnaire to help you zone in and focus on the areas you would like to heal regarding wealth and abundance.

I will send out the workbook questionnaire once a week on Wednesday's, and also the Friday (Aug 18th) before the live online event, so you have plenty of time and opportunity to ponder the questions so you can answer to the best of your knowledge.

This 2-part series is geared to help you shift your mindset into something more positive around the energy of money in order to attract to yourself what you truly want to come into your life, vs. more of what you don't want. 

Saturday Afternoon, Aug 19 at 1:00 PM:  Part 1 focuses on your upbringing with conditionings and attitudes from parents, caretakers, teachers, religious leaders, governments, and your environment you grew up in. This is a more broader view.  

After we review Part 1 from the workbook questions with an open discussion with the group, I will take you on a guided meditation to meet your spirit guide who will help you discover a situation that has had a negative affect on your life around money.  

After we address and shift the negative experience, you will be guided to see a positive situation that left you feeling great around the energy of money.  

Your spirit guide will be assisting you during all the guided meditations. You will get a chance to feel and heal from these situations.

Sunday Afternoon, Aug 20 at 1:00 PM:  Part 2 focuses on how these conditionings from your upbringing have created negative feelings in your adulthood around self-worth, and self-esteem.  

Do you feel worthy and deserving of wealth and abundance to come into your life?  

This approach focuses on your feelings of your self-worth and worthiness with money and how you are attracting it to yourself, or pushing it away, and perhaps even sabotaging the process. 

I have a true story of my own of how I accumulated wealth over a period of time, but then said something to a friend that actually created a reverse affect to happen as the wealth started to slip away over time due to my own feelings of unworthiness. Good lesson of what NOT to do, but who knew??? I did figure out what I said to cause the situation, and will share with the group so you can learn what not to do.

After we review Part 2 from the remaining workbook questions and discuss as a group, I will take you on a guided meditation to meet with your spirit guide who will help you discover the root of where these feelings of self-worth and worthiness all started. Once discovered, you will have the opportunity to shift the energy into a more positive mindset.

This inner work will help you put your hopes and dreams out there to the Universe, with the proper language, so you can truly manifest to yourself what you want and deserve with positive feelings of worthiness. We will also share a few of journeys with the group.

Then, we will have a short break, and I will take the group on one last guided meditation to the Akashic Records to Envision your Financial Future. This will be a great opportunity to see your book of life, and make any adjustments to sacred contracts around finances, so you can shifted your mindset in order to create a better future for yourself. And if we have a few minutes left, and the energy, we will share a journey or 2 before closing the workshop for the day.

My goal is to present this material in the best possible way for you to accomplish your self-healing journey, so you can attract to yourself the best results you are asking for, and deserve!

You must be 18 years or older to participate in any of my Workshop Events, or Private Healing sessions.

Your Investment in this Self-Healing 2-day Online Group Workshop Event is only $99.95! A great value for what you will receive over 2 days.