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Diane Hogan
Shaman Spirit Mentor 
Regression Energy Healing Specialist and Workshop Facilitator 
Remote Online Holistic Healing Services

Specialize in:  Past Life Regression; Soulmate Relationship Past life Karma issues; Behavioral patterns, and Recurring themes; Energy healing, and clearing rituals; PTSD from childhood abuse; Karma balancing; Reveal and heal Sacred contracts. Help connect you with Spirit guides, Ascended Master teachers, Archangels and the Angelic realm, as well as deceased loved ones.  Reiki Master Practitioner; Offer Guided meditation Astral Travel journeying workshops, and various Empowerment workshops when announced; Completed 32 pathways of Kabbalah; Retired/ Former Stockbroker (Series 7, 63, 9/10) with decades of experience in the financial markets.

Disclaimer:  You must be 18 years or old to participate in any private regression healing session or workshop.  
Exceptions maybe made with the approval and being accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Thank you!

Recent Testimonials

In a world that often seems unyielding and chaotic, finding a spiritual guide with the depth and breadth of experience like Diane Hogan is akin to finding a sanctuary where growth, healing, and profound connection happen seamlessly. From the moment I started working with Diane, it was evident that her spiritual exploration and education journey was extensive and deeply woven into her very essence.

As someone who has been both a friend and a client, I can testify to the nurturing presence Diane exudes, making every interaction with her a truly healing experience. The knowledge and insight she has accumulated from diverse spiritual landscapes have cultivated a depth in her that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  

Diane's rich background, which includes experiences with shamanic practices, Reiki mastery, and deep dives into modern mystery school teachings, manifest as a well-rounded, holistic approach to her guidance. Every session with her feels like a guided journey, where ancient wisdom meets modern insights, creating a nurturing space for growth and personal evolution.

Her connection with Native American traditions is evident, adding a raw and earthly depth to her guidance. It often feels like she can tap into the ancient energies of the earth, offering insights and healing that are both grounded and profoundly transformative.  

Diane's continuous journey of learning and self development, including her experiences with renowned experts like Dr. Brian Weiss, and her engagement with teachings of Kabbalah, has enriched her practice immensely.  As a client, I found this diversity in her background to be a source of immense strength, allowing her to offer varied and nuanced perspectives that cater to individual needs and spiritual paths.

Moreover, Diane's intuitive connection with the natural world and her attunement to the messages from birds and animals offer a beautiful, wholesome approach to spirituality. It's not just about introspective growth; it's about understanding and embracing our role in the larger tapestry of life. Diane embodies this connection gracefully, often heartwarmingly integrating these messages into her guidance.

Beyond her spiritual guidance, her tenure as a Toastmasters member, showcases, her eloquence and ability to communicate complex ideas with simplicity and grace. Whether it's a one-on-one session or a group workshop, Diane facilitates easily, fostering open communication and shared growth.

In conclusion, my journey with Diane has been nothing short of a blessing. With her by my side, I have found a guide and a kindred spirit nurturing my pass with wisdom, love, and an incredibly grounded spirituality.  I have found the courage to delve deeper, seek more openly, and evolve with joy and wonder in her presence. Thank you, Diane, for being a beacon of light in my life, guiding me home, one step at a time.

Alaura H.
Palmetto, FL

“I am very grateful for Diane, she came into my life with her services when I was the most struggling and was looking for answers and a sense of peace and stability. I have done guided meditations, individual and group sessions with Diane – each of them was a joy for me to participate in and provided me with information needed to move further and have stronger sense of myself. What I love the most about Diane is her ability to stay focused, attentive, and always in a loving and caring atmosphere. Diane wants you to succeed and you can feel it. But you also have control over your process and that is a gift. Working with Diane opened me to more love, compassion, forgiveness, and faith.”

Sarasota, Florida 


Please Note: Due to business licensing requirements in Fort Mill, SC 
I am unable to offer my online remote Regression Healing Services.  
As a result, my website will be closing early October 2024 until further notice.

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