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What a Private Customized Regression Energy Healing Session is like…

Private Regression Energy Healing Session:

I am a Shaman Spirit Mentor using regression energy healing and Past Life Regression techniques.  Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, Psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and expert in the field of Past Life Regression or PLR.  He is a world renowned lecturer, workshop facilitator, and author of Many Lives, Many Masters (Best Seller), as well as several other books. 

During your session, I help you connect with deceased loved ones, Spirit guides, Spirit animals, Archangels, and Ascended Master teachers.  I am a Usui Reiki Master practitioner; use guided meditation to help you visualize your past; have learned and follow Native American Cherokee and Lakota traditions.  I offer a unique holistic healing experience that is different from anything you may have encountered in the past.  Guaranteed or your money back! 

We first talk, in the discovery stage, about recurring themes, relationship situations, fears, aliments or anything you are dealing with.  Once I have a good idea of what is on your mind, then use guided meditation to put you into a relaxed and focused concentrated state.  You are alert and conversing with me the whole time when you are in a regressed state of consciousness.
I am spiritually guided to support you through your healing process and help you understand what you're experiencing as you share what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling throughout your healing session.  You will get clarity and learn life lessons in order to heal.  
When needed, I assist you in getting rid of negative energy you took on along the way.  I also help you to take back lost power which can happen especially for a giver type soul.  This will help you balance the karma between you and others involved.
I assist you to uncover emotional blocks from recurring themes, fears, phobias, relationship issues, PTSD from childhood abuse, and ailments from cell memory.  These feelings can lead to anxiety, resentment, anger, lack of concentration, pain, physical aliments, and depression from situations that simply are not working for you anymore.

During your session, you will see your truths so you can face what you need to address, allow it to go, and move on.  I use spiritual tools to help you get rid of unwanted energy so you can heal.  I currently work remotely using Zoom. 

As a result of doing this deep inner work, you lighten your spiritual load, understand the bigger picture, balance karma, and gain a loving respect for yourself and those whom you have crossed paths in your life.  You lighten your spiritual load and feel illuminated.

To summarize a healing session:
- We hone in and focus on the areas that need your attention to gain clarity and healing:
- I help you connect and communicate with deceased loved ones, spirit guides, archangels, and master teachers who are supporting you;
- Use regression healing with guided meditation which allows you to envision past, present, and even future experiences, and how they affect your current situation you are ready to heal;
- This process gives you an opportunity to release situations and energy that's not serving you anymore as you gain clarity;
- You balance karma with people, friends, and family in your life and beyond;
- You will feel lighter and have a better handle on your life through the wisdom you gain from these experiences.
- I help you take each situation one at a time tailoring each session to your individual needs.

Disclaimer:  You must be 18 years or old to participate in private healing sessions or accompanied by a parent or guardian.