Guided Meditation to Create and Attract Your Divine Soulmate Workshop for Women ONLY!

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Please NOTE: Workshop Ticket Sales End Friday, 2PM March 24th

Event Description:

Have you been wondering where, when, and how you can meet your Divine Soulmate?

Maybe you have already met, but things are moving so slowly you are wondering if you are wasting your time? Is there someone who is more appropriate waiting for you to cross paths with? Perhaps this potential soulmate is choosing not to take the hints you've been giving? Not ready for that kind of love? Or maybe you simply haven't met yet, but you feel you are ready to manifest them into your life now.

Whatever you are experiencing at this time, my NEW Online seminar called, Guided Meditation to Create and Attract Your Divine Soulmate Workshop for Women ONLY!, can help!

First, you buy your ticket and received the Zoom link for this event on March 25th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Then, about a week before the workshop, you will be emailed a questionnaire called Create Your Divine Soulmate Workbook. This is your homework to be completed before the live online workshop event.

As a result of completing the workbook, you will discover your likes and dislikes of who you feel you deserve would be best suited for you. This will allow you to hone in on what and who you wish to attract to yourself when you are ready to receive them.

Just by merely signing up for this powerful manifestation workshop will tell the Universe you are ready and want to pursue a special Divine Love relationship with a Soul partner who is also on the same page and ready to receive you. You may notice situations changing, and people showing up out of nowhere who fit the profile you create.

This workshop is magical and has been proven to work. However, timing and patience is the key. You don't want to rush the process, or feel any form of desperation or you may end up receiving a soulmate with that likeness, which may end up being more of what you don't want. That is why this questionnaire workbook is so important to take the time to really think about what and who it is you wish to attract into your world now. You may be surprised how fast they show up too.

During the live event, we will review some of the answers to the questions as volunteers share with the group. This is a great way to put it out there to the Universe of what you have created and want to attract now. Sharing also gives others in the group some ideas of what they may not have thought of and wish to add to their list. Plus it creates a lot of laughs and good fun!

Then we will take a short break before I take you on a guided meditation to envision your Divine Soulmate you have created for yourself. This will also put your request into action, so you can attract what it is that you created and want to come into your world now.

Once we are all back in the here and now, I will ask for a few volunteers to share their journey's with the group before we close the session for the day. Let the magic begin!

Looking forward to meeting you on Zoom! 

Love and Light, Diane Hogan, Shaman Spirit Mentor

Please NOTE: Workshop Ticket Sales End Friday, 2PM March 24th