Latest Guided Meditation Recordings

Guided Meditation Astral Travel Journey allows you to get into a very focused concentrated state of awareness as you follow along listening and envisioning what is being shared.  

For this MP3 recording called, Guided Meditation into Deep Theta Sleep with Spirit Guide at a Sacred Beach, you will be lulled to sleep as you go through energy clearing rituals.  You will experience a chakra clearing, then taken on an inner journey to a sacred beach where you will meet your spirit guide who will help infuse you with the deep theta frequency to help you fall asleep. 

If you haven't fallen asleep yet, your spirit guide will take you on a deep inner journey into space where you will dis-create yourself into stardust as you become one with the Universe.  Then you will re-create yourself, as you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, into your new rejuvenated self.  

When you are done, you will be guided back the same way you came, and return your spirit into your body in the here and now.

Most people say they fall asleep before much of the journey takes place.  Either way, it will put you into a very deep relaxed state of existence, and even give you the opportunity to experience vivid dreams.  Enjoy!

©2023 Diane Hogan, Shaman Spirit Mentor *All Rights Reserved

Have you lost a loved ones to sickness, unexpected sudden death, accidental death, war, pandemic, any kind of death, or natural causes?  Do you miss them terribly?

Then consider taking my Guided Meditation journey to a Campfire where you will first meet your Spirit Guide who will escort you to the Angelic Realm where your Deceased Loved One is waiting for you.  

When your arrive in the upper Angelic realm, your spirit guide will take you into an Angelic temple where you will get a healing with the Angels in preparation for your reunion with your loved one.

Once you have completed your healing, your spirit guide will lead you down a hall with many doors. You will feel your heart lead you, like a magnetic pull, to a special door where your deceased loved one await you on the other side.  

You will have about 8 minutes to commune for your special reunion with your loved one before your spirit guide escorts you back the way you came.  

This is a very heartfelt, and often emotional spiritual journey for many. Consider creating a list of questions you would like to ask them. Also have plenty of tissues ready.  

And remember, you can listen to this recording as many times as your feel guided to do so. Enjoy!

©2023 Diane Hogan, Shaman Spirit Mentor *All Rights Reserved