Intro to Kabbalah with Guided Meditation to Activate your Tree of Life for Manifestation

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Cut off time to participant in this event is 11:00 AM, Saturday 1/28/2023

Sign up now to learn the mysteries of Kabbalah and the 10 Sefirot (plural meaning for energy centers) of the Tree of Life within you. Kabbalah is an ancient Hebrew practice of your inner world used for self healing.

We will start at the Crown Sefirah (singular for energy center) which is Keter of the Tree of Life within you. Then we will work our way down through Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth at our feet. All are the energy centers in your body, which you will learn about and activate during the guided meditation portion of this workshop.

There are multiple meanings to each of the 10 Sefirot including the Hebrew alphabet, Tarot cards, and more. We will touch on some of these topics, but mostly the deep meaning of each energy center, so you can apply this to your own healing practice.

We will take a short break about midway during the workshop before I take you on a guided meditation to activate your tree of life for manifestation. You will need to ponder the answer to the following question for this workshop to create your manifestation process:

What idea have you been thinking about that you would like to create this year, taking YOUR dream from thought to form, and willing to take action on in order to see the process through to its completion, so you can realize the fruits of your labor?

You will be thinking about the answer to your question as I guide you through each sefirah activating each one as we go along, so you can manifest in your hopes and dreams in 2023.

After the guided meditation to activate your Tree of Life within, I will ask volunteers to share your experience to the group. This will be an opportunity to not only share what you saw with the participants, but also to share with the Universe what you want to manifest to yourself this year. It's very powerful when you use your words so you can make things happen.

Come be part of this special Kabbalah workshop as we learn together and heal. Let's make your dreams come true this year!

Please NOTE: Kindly use a valid email address when signing up for this workshop. I will be sending information and reminders to the participants before the event on Saturday, January 28th at 2PM. Thank you!