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Diane Hogan
Shaman Spirit Mentor

Regression Energy Healing Specialist and Workshop Facilitator 

Specialize in:  Past Life Regression and Forward Life Progression; Relationship situations; Recurring themes; Energy healing, and clearing rituals; PTSD from childhood abuse; Karma balancing; Sacred contracts. Help connect you with Spirit guides, Ascended Master teachers, Archangels and the Angelic realm, as well as deceased loved ones.  Reiki Master Practitioner; Offer Guided meditation Astral Travel journeying workshops, and others empowerment workshops when announced; Completed 32 pathways of Kabbalah;  Retired/ Former Stockbroker (Series 7, 63, 9/10) with decades of experience in the financial markets.


Shaman Spirit Mentor Guided Meditation to Create Your Ideal Life Now!  
Online LIVE Workshop event, Oct. 15th, Sat., 2PM - 5PM, Only $35!

Event description:  Feeling lonely and frustrated lately?  Having a tough time getting past the pandemic, chaos, inflation, and bad news? Want to create a new beginning, a clean slate for a do-over in life?  

Let's make it happen and co-create what you would like to manifest into your life such as love, joy, peace, and harmony.  

You'll start by answering several questions that I email to you a few days beforehand in preparation for the workshop to get focused on your good intentions.  We will share some thoughts when we are all together.  

Then I will take you on a guided meditation forward in time to envision what you want to attract to yourself now.  

After the guided meditation, and you have journaled some of what you saw, I will ask for volunteers to share their visions with the group so you can put it out there to the Universe to make things happen.  

If this resonates with your heart, then I encourage you to buy your ticket now to get the zoom link, and let's get this party started!   

All you will need for this live online event is a quiet place to think and journey.  Also a computer, or electronic device (preferably not a cellphone so you are not bothered with texts and calls), and a place to take notes. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom for this life changing event!

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Current Private Session Services available

1)  Past Life Regression to Address and Heal Old Wounds.  Have you been experiencing recurring themes and behavioral patterns in relationships that are not working for you anymore with family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones?  Are you ready to find out why this keeps happening?  Let me help you get to the root of these situations to shift the negative energy and create new healthy supportive relationships!  

Past Life Regression to Address and Heal Old Wounds easily takes up to 3 hours, including fact finding, for your online private session, only $299.00!   See Store for details and purchases.

2)  Forward Life Progression to Address Potential Future Life.  Your session begins with fact finding so we can uncover situations you are experiencing now and would like to address in your forward life progression healing session.  If you have already done some past life regression, then a review will be helpful.  Once we hone in on a few situations you would like to get clarity on or simply let whatever be to be, then I regress you into a focused concentrated state of awareness. You may want to pick a time in the future you would like to visit, say, 100, 200, 300, 400 years in the future.  Or you can simply stay in this life.  I will also give you an opportunity to walk through a door that is an unknown future timeframe to simply go with the flow. The choice is yours.

Forward Life Progression Healing, 3 hour private online session, including fact finding, for $299.00.  See Store for details and purchases.

3)  Regression Guided Meditation to meet Deceased Loved Ones.  Are you ready to meet a family member, friend, or loved one who has passed with whom you were very close?  They are with you in spirit and accessible if you believe they are.  However, it takes courage to go within to see what they are up to.  By using guided meditation, I can help you journey to bring you to them in the higher dimensions.  Sometimes others come forward you may not have anticipated.  Anything can happen.  

Regression Guided Meditation to meet Deceased Loved Ones takes up to 2 hours, including fact finding, for your online private session, only $199.00!  See Store for details and purchases.

For more information on booking a private session,
Contact me with questions, and to schedule your healing session today!
See Store for purchases.