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Diane Hogan
Shaman Spirit Mentor

Regression Energy Healing Specialist and Workshop Series Facilitator 

Allow me to assist you in healing yourself, and get clarity on your life path!

Specialize in:  Past Life Regression; Relationship situations; Recurring themes; PTSD from childhood abuse;
Energy healing, and clearing rituals; Karma balancing; Sacred contracts. 
Help connect you with Spirit guides, Ascended Master teachers, Archangels, the Angelic realm,
and deceased loved ones. I am a Reiki Master; offer Guided meditation Astral Travel journeying;
Women Healing Women Spiritual Empowerment Workshops Series facilitator;
Former Stockbroker financial markets educator.

Coming Soon!

Women Healing Women Spiritual Solutions Series 

Create Transform Attract
4 Sessions Solution Program

Your Call To Action:
- Create your Divine Love
- Transform Your Self
- Attract Destiny

My 4 sessions solutions program is geared to attract your Divine soulmate to you into the NOW!

By completing my workbooks I email to you before each of the 4 sessions, you will be asked
a series of questions to hone in on what you are looking for and envisioning your soulmate to be.
You will also address your inner and outer world, both emotionally and physically, so you can get ready
for your Divine love to arrive as you make room for a new future together with a fresh new start.
This self-healing group program builds on itself with each session getting you closer to
attracting in your Divine love and your ideal life.

(These sessions may touch on sensitive topics, which could come up during
open discussions and group shares. To honor and respect participants privacy, recordings
of these workshops will NOT be made or available for future distribution.  Live Attendance is required!)

Online Meeting agenda

These workshops are of a spiritual nature as well as a down-to-earth physical experiences.  I plan to take the group on guided meditations to clear your energy and get comfortable.  I will guide you to create your sacred space, meet spirit guides, envision your Divine soulmate, and your ideal life together over the 4 sessions.  We will share stories as a group to learn from each other.

The group online meetings will last for 2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on the size of the group.  I plan to cover the material in a 2-week timeframe twice a week (one week night (Tues. or Wed.), and one weekend afternoon (Sat. or Sun.).  I may also add a 5th workshop, in several months, to do a follow-up on everyones progress and allow the group to share stories.  That should be fun!

Summary of the 4 Session Solutions Workbooks!

Here is a summary of what you will be working on BEFORE each live online meeting.  You will receive each workbook days BEFORE each session so you have time to complete them.  They will be sent to you via email as a Google form for ease of completion:

Session 1 group workbook, Initial Self-Assessment Questionnaire Workshop:  This is self explanatory with questions about your spiritual knowledge and experiences, as well as situations with relationships, fears, joys, and whatever else you can add.  We will discuss some of the questions and answers, if you wish to share, in our group meeting online. 

Session 2 group workbook, Create Your Divine Soulmate to Clear your Path and Meet Workshop:  This is going to be a fun homework project and even more fun to share with the group.  I have created a series of questions and descriptions for you to answer as you create your Divine soulmate love-of-your-life.  It may get down and dirt too...Just saying. : )

Session 3 group workbook, Owning Your Burdens (the good, bad and ugly), to Clear Your Path Workshop. This workbook is asking you to be truthful about where you are in your life.  Such as with emotional responses, relationship issues, your environment, your habits, and even addictions.  The burdens you carry physically and emotionally that are NOT working for you anymore.  It's an ugly truth workbook that will help you get serious about changing yourself to become the mirror image you are looking to attract into your life.

Session 4 group workbook, Create Your Divine Love Relationship, the New You, and Your Ideal Life Happening Now Workshop:  This workshop is using the concept of the law of attraction to put everything you created from your workbooks into a beautiful package as if you are already living your new life, with your new love, as the new you!  Its actually really cool!

Your investment to Attract Your Divine Soulmate:  
Package of ALL 4 sessions for only $140

Starting end of September thru October 2021
Introductory Discount Offer!

$70 for all 4 sessions (save 50%)
...get it while it lasts!

Contact me with questions and I will get back to you ASAP

Private Healing Sessions offered in-person, by phone, and online.
Contact me for questions, and to get your healing session scheduled today!

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