Create Transform Attract, 4-week transformation series to Create Your Divine Love, Transform Your Self, and Attract Destiny for only $99!
  • Create Transform Attract, 4-week transformation series to Create Your Divine Love, Transform Your Self, and Attract Destiny for only $99!
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Looking for the love of your life??? If your answer is a resounding YES!!! Then come join me on a 4-week spiritual journey to transform your self and your life as you get ready to meet your Divine Complement Soulmate.

Starting January 4, 2022 on Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM for 4 consecutive weeks (January 4, 11, 18, 25), be a participant in...Create Transform Attract...Your Call To Action...Create Your Divine Love, Transform Your Self, Attract Destiny!

You will be guided to awaken to your spiritual side, discover more of who you are, what you want in your love relationships as you reevaluate your life in general.

What does your soulmate look like, act like, do for a living, etc…? You will have the opportunity to create your Divine Complement Soulmate as you envision them in your minds eye and feel them in your heart. Then I will take you on a guided meditation to envision your soulmate as you manifest them into the here and now.

What kind of men and women do you attract to yourself as a result of your upbringing from conditionings, behavioral patterns, and recurring themes? You will get a chance to do some deep dive shadow work as you shine light into some dark spaces for self-evaluation. Using guided meditation, I will take you back in time to reevaluate some old conditionings and recurring themes so you can address them appropriately. I will walk you through every step on the way as you do your inner work in a group setting.

See what you are putting out there to the Universe and attracting to yourself. How has this persona been working for you? What are you willing to change and heal deep within your subconscious mind for a better outcome and attract to you more positive relationships all around.

What does your ideal life look like? The new you? Your Divine soulmate and your life together? You will have an opportunity to create your ideal life scenario too. On the last guided meditation, I will take you forward in time to see what you created from your ideal life questionnaire as you envision the future you have created for yourself. It's fun too.

Women Healing Women Spiritual Solutions Series for Create Transform Attract is geared for women to share experiences and learn from each other. I will be handing over the "talking stick", energetically speaking, to those of you who wish to share your stories. I'll be sharing some of mine too. This will be a clearing process as you speak your truth in a safe setting of like-minded women who are here to heal and improve their lives. Like you, they intend to attract their Divine soulmates using the power of their creative intentions and the law of attraction.

Days before each online Zoom session, you will received a Google Form workbook to hone in on what you are looking to manifest into your life. The workbooks are to be completed BEFORE each live workshop so we can go over them as a group.

Each session includes: My Circle of Protective Light Clearing Ritual; Open discussion about each completed workbook regarding your experiences with present and past lovers, as well as a self-evaluation to re-write a new future for yourself and your Divine Soulmate; Brainstorming affirmations to create for yourself and share with the group to keep you focused on what you want; Chakra Clearing to prepare you for your Guided Meditation to envision what you created in each of your workbooks, past, present, and future;  Sharing what you experienced on your astral travel journey’s with the group before we close for the evening.

These workshops are life transforming events and you may find people in your life move on as you are changing so much that your vibrations simply don’t match anymore. However, you need to make room for your new future to arrive. So, as one door closes, a new door can open to allow new experiences to come to you that are more in alignment with who you have become.

After you purchase your 4-week membership slot for the online Zoom meetings, you will be emailed a PDF agenda with the details of the workshop schedule for this months program, as well the Zoom link, and passcodes for the live online meetings.

You will also receive a Hold Harmless letter you electronically sign by printing your name on the form and email back to me.

And lastly, you will be emailed your 1st session workbook shortly after your purchase, which you should fill out and return to me as soon as possible. A copy of your completed 1st session will be returned to you automatically upon sending to me. The other workbooks 2, 3, & 4 are kept for your records and for review during each live session.

So, when you make your purchase of this STORE item, kindly supply me with a valid email address as all communications during the program will be with the email address you give me. Thank you!

Please note: Sessions 2, 3, and 4 will be emailed to you after each completed live online session a day or 2 following, so you will have plenty of time to complete them before the next meeting.

Feel free to check my Testimonials page on my website for 2 recent participants who shared their experience. Both women are very pleased with the outcome. Lets see what this series can do for you!

If you have any questions, please use my CONTACT page on my website ( to email me of your interest. Or you can use to email me directly. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Please NOTE: The online Zoom meetings will not be recorded at this time, so please plan to attend each online live meeting in-person so you can get the most from these life changing experiences individually and as a group.

Disclaimer: You must be 18 years or older to participate in private or group healing sessions or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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